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Rutherfordton, NC & Carolina Renaissance Festival

This past weekend Colin and I took a trip to Rutherfordton, NC and stayed in a tiny, quaint cabin with our three pups.

It was so magical.

Sometimes living in the city you forget what it’s like to truly be alone. I don’t mean alone like lonely, I mean the kind of alone where you feel so peaceful and calm. Like you’ve formed a giant bubble and no one can get in for miles.

It was just me, Colin, Bentley, Sophie & Abu. Pure bliss.

Originally this trip was going to be a surprise from me to Colin, but we suck at keeping surprises. I didn’t even get 3 hours into the idea without spilling the beans. Although, it was kind of his fault as he pried it out of me.

Colin had been talking for weeks about the Carolina Renaissance Festival, and I had been wanting to take a trip to the North Carolina “mountains” (when your from Colorado, these mountains become hills in our mind). So we combined the two!

We ended up staying just outside of Rutherfordton, NC, which ended up being about 2 hours away from the Renaissance Festival. The drive to a from wasn’t too bad! Although we had to leave the pups at the cabin while we spent the day in Huntersville for the festival.

The weekend was so perfect.

We took our time driving up to the cabin, which was so different than other trips we’ve taken. You know, the ones where you want to get there as fast as possible.


<<Little Sophie gets car sick, so I have to wrap her up in this jacket Colin had from high school (forever ago! lol), and she tends to do okay.>>

This time we budgeted for extra time, drove the exact speed limit (sometimes under), stopped several times for the pups to walk around, and just talked. I love how Colin and I can talk for hours upon hours without getting bored. ((Maybe annoyed at points, but never bored lol.))

When we got to the cabin, we unloaded our things and went straight to outside to enjoy the fresh air and the creek near by. The pups loved running around without leashes on, and Abu was especially fond of the creek as he spent most of his time barking at the leaves flowing down. He’s so weird.




















We spent that night in the hot tub under the stars.

It was truly incredible.




The next day was our day for the Renaissance Festival. No we did no dress up, as this was my first festival since I was about 7 and had no clue what the expect. I think next year we’ll dress up.



Now let me tell you, the Carolina Renaissance Festival is out of this world incredible! It is HUGE! And to get there, you have to go into the middle of nowhere, and then take took a dirt road into the middle of the forest. We did later realize there were two entrances, and the other entrance was a bit more conventional with a paved road. Also, this festival is not a traveling show; it’s permanent. Like the buildings and sets don’t move. Mind blown!

The first thing we did was see the Tortuga Twins, and OMG are they funny! Colin and I just about died laughing.









^^Can’t help but laugh! We love this dudes costume! Also, this might be only kind of normal smile I got from Colin in a photo all weekend. 🙂



We also watched jousting, which at first I wasn’t so sure about because I am a huge animal activist. But the horses seemed to really enjoy themselves. There were people on either end of the arena cueing the horses, and each time the horses would get really ramped up and ready to run.

We spent the rest of the time walking around and looking at the different vendors and shops. We talked about possibly even bringing Elderhaus next year! But quickly squashed that idea, as we want to attend the festival, not work there. But you never know…

The rest of the weekend we spent as a family at the cabin.

The only unfortunate thing was that there was a wildfire going on about 16 miles west of us, which did bring a lot of smoke in on the second day we were there.

Of course we’d be there when there’s a wildfire.

When it came time to leave, we were all sad, but very excited for next time!


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