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Life After Recovery

It’s been a very long time since my eating disorder was active. I am not going to go much into the details of my actual disorder, as you can read about it here. At the end of 2013 all of my eating disorder behaviors stopped, and soon after the thoughts were gone.

No relapses. No desires about going back. Just purely Amy.

I attribute my success to my determination, my sheer strength in standing firm and never forgetting what I truly want, and my love, Colin, who has stood beside me each and every moment.

<Recovery is truly incredible.>

Granted as the years go by, I am slowly forgetting the struggle. This makes me sad because I want to always remember how horrible, how sick, I felt during the disorder. It makes me appreciate my life now that much more. So I choose to remember my struggle as best I can.

Over the last 2+ years, my energy and entire focus has gone into more productive activities –>

+ Dating my husband.

+ Crafting. I. Love. Crafting.

+ Sipping tea while making my grocery list for the week.

+ Puppy time (a.k.a. throwing the ball for Sophie while the other two become insanely needy. God forbid I give attention to anyone but them. lol.)

+ Planning trips and fun activities to do as a family.

+ Prepping Colin’s snacks (I make granola bars, fun breads, and granola for him to take to work with his home-packed lunch).

+ Watching YouTube Videos. Currently I am obsessed with Whats Up Mom.

+ Taking care of our home so when Colin gets home each day there is more time for cuddles and hugs.

+ Making time for myself.

+ Decorating our home. As it’s a never ending adventure.

+Laundry. ((Is it weird that I like laundry?))

+ Cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning.

Since recovering, I have found that I have an insane amount of energy that was being wasted with the eating disorder. In 2014 I got a job as an Executive Assistant, so not only was I doing everything above and more, but I was also working 20-25 hours/week from home.

This is where I discovered I have limits too. And even though I am recovered, I cannot do EVERYTHING in the world. So I made the choice to resign in 2016. I am very happy with my decision thus far, as I have more time for the important things, like puppy nose kisses & cuddles on the couch with Colin.

This life is just so beautiful.


One comment on “Life After Recovery

  1. Catherine of VegCharlotte
    October 29, 2016

    This post really gave me a lift today! So happy you are doing so well!

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