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It’s my favorite season: Fall!

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by! 2016 has been a huge year for growth here at the DiPaola household. As I reflect upon last year around this time, my mind, my soul, is in disbelief of how far Colin and I have come together as one single unit, and as individuals.

On a different note, this last weekend I planned a few fall festivities for us to enjoy! Here is a little look at what this entailed…





I actually got a hair cut later that day…about 3-4 inches. It feels so short now! Colin says it’s still too long as I basically suffocate him at night. lol.


I rarely get smile pictures out of Colin. He is just too goofy.


We’ve never actually been pumpkin picking! Say what!? I know, it’s rather sad.

However, Wilmington has this adorable pumpkin patch off Shipyard and Independance that we have been wanting to go to and finally made a point to do so. We were going to go to Legacy Farms which is about an hour away and do the corn maze, but unfortunately their farm did not hold up against Hurricane Matthew. We hope to go next year!


<<He is just so handsome :)>>.

Btw, that green bracelet he is wearing is from an adventure at the new arcade at the Independance Mall. We won like 40 tickets and each got a bracelet and some other goodies. He always remembers to wear his; mine, well I have a bad habit of losing it. It will turn up soon, & I’m sure I will lose it again.


Our next stop included vegan ice cream!

Yes, we are still vegan in this household, although Colin isn’t as strict when we go out. As I was scrolling through Facebook one day, I saw a friend from Wilmington Vegan post ice cream, and I was intrigued. Wilmington is very vegan friendly, but I was unaware we had an ice cream shop that served vegan ice cream! Can you imagine my excitement!?

So, without hesitation, Boombalatis is was. I got the vegan Pumpkin Pie and Colin tried the pumpkin apple cider sorbet.

&& OMGEESH were they both our of this world!

Perfect way to end a day of fall fun!

Recovery update: Life after an eating disorder is beyond amazing! I will post more details soon :).

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