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Rainbow Restaurant in Fort Collins, CO

We are home! And boy am I happy to be back to my beautiful humid Wilmington, North Carolina.

While we were in Colorado, Colin and I saw a lot, did a lot, and felt a lot. Colorado was where we grew up, we met, and where our lives began together. It’s where we went to high school together. It’s where we adopted our pups. It’s where we got our first apartment. It’s where we started our journey living vegan. Colorado holds a lot of special memories for us.

But it’s where my eating disorder started. It’s where Colin and I had a pretty major rough patch during our relationship. Colorado holds a whole lot of pain for both of us as well. And neither of us were prepared for that part of our trip.


One great place that we visited while we were back in Colorado was Fort Collins. Fort Collins is my second favorite place, next to Wilmington. It’s beautiful, even more beautiful than I remembered (probably because I had Anamia goggles on last time we were there). We walked around and saw places we took engagement and wedding photos, where we got our first one bed room apartment, where we fell in love with veganism, and where we spent our first year living together. It was magical.










I wanted so bad to go to Tasty Harmony, but of course it was closed Monday. Just my luck. And yes, I was upset. We decided to go to the other vegan restaurant in Fort Collins that we always wanted to try but never did: Rainbow Restaurant.



I am one of those people who always checks the website and menu before going out. I like to know what we are getting ourselves into. The Rainbow Restaurant website doesn’t do it justice, but Colin convinced me to go. So we did.

The Rainbow Restaurant is small and quaint. When you walk inside there are tables tucked behind walls and in corners. Very cafe like.

We had the choice to sit inside or out, so we chose outside. If you’ve ever been to Indochine in Wilmington, NC, it was something like that just on a smaller and less ethnic scale. The outdoor patio lead down to a sitting area with about 10-15 tables, most covered with red umbrella sand green plants surrounding the outer edges. There is even a small herb garden. It was so peaceful. I was taken away by this little piece of paradise tucked off the side of a busy Fort Collins street.





As we sat down and looked at the menu, we noticed that Rainbow had to offer. There were numerous delicious sounding vegan options, and plenty of vegetarian options that could be made vegan. Colin chose the Ali Baba (lettuce wraps with grilled tofu, vegetables, cilantro and pistachios served with peanut and sesame dipping sauces and a side of fruit…which as I type this he is saying the Ali Baba was the most delicious thing he has ever had) with a side salad. I chose the Greens and Grains (warm brown rice, seeds and vegetables turned in tamari on a bed of mixed greens) with a side of hummus (and the portion of hummus was huge!). They also brought out some freshly made vegan bread, which was very good alone and with the vegan strawberry jam.

**Note: Their a vegan dressings are some of the best I’ve ever had. We both tried the Sweet & Savory Venetian, and the Miso.**

Nailed it.

Both of these dishes were to die for. Flavorful. Colorful. Magical. Delicious. Yup, that about sums it up.

But wait, there’s more.

Colin saw that you could order a side of VEGAN coffee cake! Say what?! So, of course we had to try it. I mean we couldn’t resist.

Being that it was listed as a side, I was thinking the coffee cake would be fairly small, but NO. It was a dessert for two…maybe three. After having one bite I was in love. And so was Colin. We ended up fighting for who got the last bite. (My advice: secretly order the coffee cake without your significant other knowing, and when he goes to the bathroom relax and enjoy. Just you and your coffee cake. Yum..)

Colin and I had a blast, and were really happy Tasty Harmony was closed because wouldn’t have found this amazing hole-in-the-wall. And next time we go to Foco, you better believe Rainbow will be on the top of our list of things to do.















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