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The Insider’s Vegan Dictionary*

Humorous post on veganism that everyone should read!

Experiences with Language

*May contain traces of hyperbole. Manufactured in a facility that also processes humor.

I’m currently on Spring Break and home with my family. We’re all vegan which means that

  1. My veganism is less a young-adult rebellion thing and more a family cohesion thing.
  2. We are obligated to inform others of our vegan state under threat of Official Vegan Law. (Hence this blog post.)

Like any subculture, we risk some ridicule and misunderstandings from members of the dominant culture who don’t understand why we would stray from tradition. Sometimes we are even perceived as a threat to normalcy or “the way things are done” and people become a bit uncomfortable with our existence, which is unfortunate. Other times people are totally accepting, which is always wonderful.

Another part of being part of a subculture is that we have access to a whole bunch of words, phrases, and jokes that not all…

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