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Fluffy Vegan Waffles

Who doesn’t love waking up in the morning to that delicious sweet enticing smell of fluffy waffles?! Just simple plain waffles! 20140311-145410.jpgUnfortunately, my husband doesn’t know how to cook so he gets to wake up to that incredible smell, while I have to get up and actually make the darn things (oh honey, I love you). But here’s the thing: I get to lick the spatula.

I have been wanting a waffle maker for sometime now. My parents gave us a broken one a few years ago. The handle was missing so when you lifted the lid to remove the waffles you had better not forget the oven-mits…yeah that happened several times. Owch. Eventually, it was smashed and thrown away never to be seen again bit the dust. Seriously though, that waffle maker was fun while it lasted.

The first few days we had our new waffle maker I think we ate waffles almost non-stop. We tried a bunch of different kinds, but these are by far our favorite. Even though they are plain and simple, don’t let this disguise fool you. They have a bust of flavor when they hit your mouth! I am no way kidding you when I say DAAAAANNNNG, these are some gooood waffles.


Fluffy Vegan Waffles
By Amy DiPaola
makes 4 Square Belgium size waffles

2/3 cup mashed banana
1 cup whole wheat pastry flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2-3/4 cup almond milk
1 Tbs coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp butter and nut flavor extract
1/4-1/2 tsp liquid stevia (depends on how sweet you want them…like everyone knows, I LOVE sweet)
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder

1. Combine everything in a bowl and whisk until well combined (don’t over mix though).

2. Pour the batter into your waffle maker and cook until you have a nice medium(ish) brown waffle.

3. Place on a pretty place and dump maple syrup gently pour maple syrup all over your waffle and gobble it up! You could also serve these with earth balance, nut butter or fruit.


5 comments on “Fluffy Vegan Waffles

    March 11, 2014

    look so delicious!!

  2. kerryredatjecoutay
    March 16, 2014

    Reblogged this on Kerry Red Atjecoutay.

  3. sophisticatedjerseygirl
    March 17, 2014

    These look amazing!!! Right now I don’t actually have a waffle maker, but this kinda makes me want to go out and get one. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. joeluscaesar
    March 20, 2014

    I think I need this…

  5. Penny Parsnip
    April 10, 2014

    Waffles are basically the best part of my relationship with my manfriend. Gonna try these this weekend!

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