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Aerie’s Real Women Campaign

Aerie Real Women Post

Check out this article about Aerie’s new campaign to feature REAL women in their ads!

This is so awesome and inspiring to me! Could you imagine if every clothing retailer were like this? If every single one of them decided to actually show REAL women in their clothing instead of women who are sickly thin, photoshopped and look nothing like real healthy women. I remember being a young girl and worshipping Nicole Richie for how thin she was. Mary-Kate Olsen (who I adored as a young child by watching every single movie the twins had, buying their Barbies and basically pretending I was Mary-Kate) became a role model to me. Not for her acting or any good things she was doing in the world; no, I wanted to be thin like her. Thin is not what we need to be striving for; it’s happiness and health.

I had a weird obsession with the Victoria’s Secret models and actually believed I could look like them. First of all, I am 5’3″ so I am most definitely vertically challenged according to Victoria’s Secret unreasonable standards (and their standards are RIDICULOUS might I add!). But my body wasn’t and still isn’t built to look like one of those women either; and I highly doubt many REAL women are truly built that way (and guess what, I am happy just the way I am!).

I even feel for the young men who are trained to believe all women should look like these photoshopped models. They see tiny waists, long slender legs, flawless skin, tons of make-up, huge boobs (that are actually very disproportionate with the rest of the body), and toned butts, and consider that beautiful when in reality it’s all fake. They see this crap everywhere they go. It’s sickening.

What if companies like Victoria’s Secret decided to use REAL women in their fashion shows, stores, and magazines? What if the media stopped portraying thin as in and started focusing on being healthy as the ultimate goal? What if our society started looking at the real beauty that’s all around us?

Well I can tell you that our perception on beauty would change! Young girls would feel more confident in their own skin. Men would see true beauty in REAL women. We need to learn to appreciate true beauty. Real curves. A sweet smile. Even the imperfections are beautiful. They only add to the beauty that is in each of us. We are all unique and that makes us beautiful!

What Aerie is doing is astounding and hopefully will make an impact on other clothing retailers as well.



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